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Magi isn’t a blockchain instead of this Magi is a blazing fast OP Stack rollup client developed by combined OP Labs and a16z team. In the Ethereum ecosystem, specifically within the Optimistic Rollup (OP Stack) framework, Magi serves as a consensus client. In the traditional execution/consensus split of Ethereum, the role of the consensus client is to feed new blocks to the execution client, facilitating the advancement of the blockchain. Magi is designed to perform the same core functionalities as the reference implementation known as "op-node," which is also part of the OP Stack.
The primary objective of Magi is to contribute to the diversification of rollup clients within the OP Stack ecosystem. Diversification is essential as it enhances the safety and liveliness of the network, reducing the risk associated with relying solely on a single implementation. By introducing Magi as an independently developed rollup client written in the Rust programming language, the creators aim to encourage greater diversity in the OP Stack and attract more contributors to the ecosystem. While Magi is still in its early stages of development, it represents a step towards achieving a more robust and decentralized blockchain infrastructure.
Gas Token: TBA