OP Chain List

Public Goods Network

The Public Goods Network (PGN) emerges as a notable addition to the blockchain ecosystem, serving as a cost-effective Layer 2 (L2) blockchain layered atop Ethereum, with a distinct focus on supporting public goods. PGN leverages the Bedrock version of the OP Stack and stands as a collaborative effort with Optimism, powered by Conduit, and receives backing and incubation support from Gitcoin.
At its core, PGN is designed to tackle the critical challenge of public goods funding. It pioneers an innovative approach by directing the majority of sequencer fees generated from user transactions on the network towards financing public goods and public goods projects. This novel funding model seeks to establish sustainability in supporting initiatives that benefit the broader community, making it more convenient for individuals to contribute to projects aligned with their interests.
PGN distinguishes itself through its adaptability and compatibility. It's highly composable and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible, facilitating seamless integration with other Ethereum-based projects. This interoperability enables developers to create new public goods applications on top of PGN, thereby expanding the network's potential impact. While PGN is still in its nascent stages of development, its vision to revolutionize public goods funding by channeling sequencer fees towards this cause holds the promise of a more sustainable and accessible future for vital public goods projects, setting the stage for meaningful contributions to the greater good.
Gas Token: ETH