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The Zora blockchain stands as a layer 2 blockchain network, ingeniously constructed upon Ethereum's robust infrastructure and leveraging Optimism's technological prowess (OP Stack). Its primary mission is to serve as the backbone for the Zora platform, a decentralized marketplace empowering creators to mint and trade NFTs. This innovative blockchain offers a host of advantages for NFT creators, most notably a drastic reduction in gas fees through the utilization of Optimism's rollup technology, leading to cost savings of up to 90%. Moreover, Zora's transaction processing speed eclipses that of Ethereum, offering a more efficient environment for creators to bring their NFTs to life, without grappling with gas fees or intricate technical complexities.
In addition to these cost-effective benefits, the Zora blockchain boasts features designed explicitly to benefit creators. On-chain protocol rewards provide creators and developers with tangible incentives for engaging with the Zora blockchain, further enhancing its ecosystem's vitality. Customizable royalties grant creators the flexibility to set custom terms for their NFTs, enabling them to earn a percentage of each sale.
Although the Zora blockchain is currently in its developmental phase, it carries the potential to revolutionize the NFT creation and trading landscape. With its foundation as a layer 2 blockchain network built upon Ethereum, coupled with Optimism's rollup technology, it bridges the gap between security and cost-efficiency, providing a promising platform for creators to thrive and innovate in the world of NFTs.
Gas Token: ETH