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Mint Blockchain

Mint’s mission is to promote innovation in NFT protocols and standards, expand NFT asset application scenarios, enhance NFT asset development efficiency, and explore the potential value of the trillion-dollar NFT market!
The core value of the Mint blockchain lies in promoting and driving innovation in NFT standards, guiding developers to innovate and explore NFT assets in more real-world applications, including but not limited to AIGC, gaming, RWA, reputation systems, membership systems, identity systems, entertainment industry, sports industry, multimedia, and other fields.
The vision of the Mint blockchain is to create a decentralized network where anyone can freely participate in creating NFT asset protocol standards and issuing NFT assets, better promoting innovation in NFT asset protocols, expanding NFT asset application scenarios, and improving the efficiency of NFT asset issuance. Uncovering the potential value of the trillion-dollar NFT market is the mission of the Mint blockchain.
Gas Token: ETH