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Lisk is a layer-2 solution that inherits the robust security guarantees of Ethereum while propelling decentralized applications (dApps) into a new era of efficiency and accessibility.
As an EVM-equivalent L2, Lisk seamlessly integrates with the latest advancements in the Ethereum ecosystem, benefiting from features like Proto-Danksharding for even more cost-effective transactions on layer 2, account abstraction, and other elements on Ethereum's roadmap.
Lisk transitioning from L1 to L2. Developers leveraging the Lisk L2 will find themselves in a position of strength, able to harness the wealth of libraries and tooling designed for EVM-based dApps. The transition is made smoother by the fact that many popular applications are EVM-based, making deployment on the Lisk network a straightforward process. Moreover, the Lisk L2 opens up a world of liquidity and token options, allowing the transfer of any ERC-20 token from Ethereum to Lisk, including stablecoins.
Gas Token: TBA