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Ancient 8

In 2021, Ancient8 began a mission as a Gaming Guild to introduce users to Web3 through gaming. They partnered with over 100 games to assist 200,000+ gamers in navigating Web3. However, as Ancient8 works with their partners and gamers, they constantly see the same challenge in Web3 gaming – most blockchains fall short in providing the tech, tools, and community needed for gaming. Games need a blockchain that can deliver seamless, high-performance gaming experiences that players and developers deserve. Thus, Ancient8 is launching the Ancient8 Chain, a gaming-focused ETH Layer 2 chain that addresses these shortcomings head-on and is tailor-made for the unique demands for gaming.
Ancient8's strategic decision to establish the Layer 2 infrastructure on the OP Stack reflects its unwavering commitment to enhancing the landscape of web3 gaming and consumer DApps. By aligning with Optimism's Superchain philosophy, Ancient8 Chain positions itself as a catalyst for scalability and composability within the blockchain realm. Leveraging the inherent advantages of the OP Stack, including seamless integration with Optimistic Rollups and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, Ancient8 Chain overcomes Ethereum mainnet limitations, ensuring swift and efficient transaction throughput. This approach not only fosters a user-friendly environment characterized by low-cost transactions but also engenders a sense of trust and security by settling transactions on the Ethereum mainnet. Moreover, the emphasis on interoperability and collaboration within the OP Stack ecosystem amplifies Ancient8 Chain's role in pioneering an innovative gaming landscape, enabling developers to collaborate seamlessly, share resources, and expand the horizons of web3 gaming and consumer DApps.
In line with its vision for the future of web3 gaming, Ancient8 has meticulously designed a suite of products tailored to cater to the burgeoning market of over 100 million potential users. With a comprehensive approach that encompasses every stage of game development, from leveraging the capabilities of the Ancient8 Chain to leveraging the marketing prowess of Gosu Network, Ancient8 empowers game developers and studios to thrive in the web3 gaming sphere. Its focus on emerging markets and the cultivation of a robust gamer community of over 200,000 individuals positions Ancient8 at the forefront of innovative game development, paving the way for the seamless integration of decentralized games. Embracing a collaborative approach through the Ancient8 Collective, a conglomerate of esteemed web3 gaming leaders, Ancient8 fosters a sense of unity and inclusivity, emphasizing a shared commitment to the collective growth of the gaming industry. Beyond being a mere gaming chain, Ancient8 aspires to be known as 'The Collective Gaming Chain', dedicated to establishing an ecosystem that empowers all stakeholders invested in the decentralized gaming landscape.
Gas Token: ETH