OP Chain List

OP Mainnet

OP Mainnet, designed as an efficient L2 blockchain by Ethereum developers for Ethereum developers, seamlessly integrates with existing Ethereum software, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal adjustments. Its architecture, closely resembling Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), guarantees the scalability of Ethereum applications without unexpected complexities. Notably, the platform's compatibility is a key highlight, as anything functional on Ethereum operates flawlessly on OP Mainnet, all at a fraction of the usual cost. This compatibility, coupled with its minimal extension approach, ensures a familiar and user-friendly experience for developers.
Moreover, the platform distinguishes itself with its impressive transaction capabilities. With faster transaction speeds compared to Ethereum, Optimism, the driving force behind OP Mainnet, employs transaction bundling, significantly reducing verification time. This not only expedites the overall transaction process but also contributes to the platform's cost-efficiency. As transaction fees remain considerably lower than those on Ethereum, Optimism's reduced storage and processing power requirements play a vital role in ensuring economical operations. Furthermore, Optimism's remarkable scalability, accommodating millions of users, exceeds Ethereum's current capabilities, facilitated by its ability to bundle transactions, thereby minimizing the volume of data that necessitates storage and processing.
Optimism works by bundling transactions together and then submitting them to Ethereum for verification. This is much more efficient than processing each transaction individually, as it reduces the amount of data that needs to be stored and processed.
Gas Token: ETH