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Rollux is the optimistic rollup that serves as Syscoin's official Layer 2. Rollux is built with OP Stack , by SYS Labs. Rollux is powered by Syscoin, and fueled by its utility token, $SYS.
Rollux offers EVM compatibility, coupled with the security provided by Bitcoin's mining network and Syscoin's decentralized Layer 1 finality and data availability, which represents the industry's first Layer 1 data availability solution, known as Syscoin's PoDA, or Proof-of-Data Availability . Rollux leverages merged mining, also known as Auxiliary Proof-of-Work , allows mining multiple blockchains at the same time without adding extra hashing cost or diminishing the rewards of the primary coin being mined.
Rollux itself already provides Layer 2 data availability natively, which means it is already primed to support Layer 3 and beyond for fractal scaling. Rollux will incorporate ZK-based rollups once Validity-proving technologies mature.
Gas Token: SYS