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Lattice is not blockchain but forward-thinking blockchain infrastructure company on a mission to pioneer the next generation of Autonomous Worlds. These Autonomous Worlds are decentralized virtual realms owned and operated by their user communities. They are founded upon the principles of transparency, fairness, and openness, leveraging smart contracts and blockchain technology to achieve this vision. Lattice is actively engaged in the development of essential tools and protocols to empower developers in constructing these Autonomous Worlds. Among its key offerings is MUD, a framework tailored for building these virtual realms on the Ethereum blockchain. MUD provides a standardized data model and synchronization protocol, simplifying the process of creating interoperable Autonomous Worlds. Additionally, Lattice is crafting the Lattice Network, a decentralized node network that will serve as the backbone infrastructure for these realms, handling critical tasks such as state storage, transaction processing, and dispute resolution. The project is spearheaded by CEO and co-founder Adrien Touati, an industry veteran with over a decade of experience in blockchain technology and a former co-founder of the Ethereum project.
Gas Token: TBA