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UniDex, a decentralized exchange (DEX), aims to enhance the trading experience for users through a range of innovative features. Notably, it aggregates liquidity from over 130 diverse sources, encompassing on-chain, off-chain, and cross-chain liquidity. This approach ensures users consistently access competitive prices for token swaps. Moreover, UniDex facilitates gasless swaps, employing "keeper batches" to execute multiple orders efficiently without gas fees. The platform also supports cross-chain swaps via atomic swap techniques and offers private trading through zkSNARKs for enhanced privacy.
In addition to these core features, UniDex offers meta-aggregated limit orders, allowing users to place limit orders across multiple exchanges simultaneously. Governance is a fundamental aspect, involving UNIDX token holders in shaping the platform's development and operations. UniDex goes beyond being a DEX, positioning itself as a comprehensive trading hub for various financial instruments. Alongside spot trading, it accommodates perpetual contracts, options trading, and more, making it inclusive for traders of varying experience levels. While UniDex is in active development, its comprehensive feature set and commitment to reshaping decentralized trading make it a noteworthy player in the evolving blockchain-based exchange landscape, backed by solid funding and a dedicated development team.
They built Magma testnet for their OP Stack built app chain. Mainnet is not ready yet. When mainnet emerged we will update this page. While waiting mainnet you can try their testnet
Gas Token: UNIDX