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DeBank Chain

DeBank is a multifaceted platform that has made significant strides in the blockchain space by introducing DeBank Chain, a groundbreaking development set to revolutionize the realm of social applications and asset management. DeBank initially gained recognition as a DeFi dashboard, serving as a comprehensive tool for users to monitor and manage their holdings across a vast ecosystem of over 800 protocols spanning more than 15 different blockchain networks. It offers users a simplified overview of their financial positions, outstanding loan debts, and pending rewards, along with a suite of analytics tools for portfolio performance tracking, gas fee estimation, and risk assessment. This DeFi dashboard has become a valuable resource for crypto enthusiasts seeking to streamline their decentralized financial activities.
DeBank's evolution takes a significant leap with the introduction of DeBank Chain, a pioneering blockchain development poised to serve as the Asset Layer for Social applications. DeBank Chain distinguishes itself by being built on the OP Stack, a technology stack renowned for its scalability and efficiency. The project has already initiated its Testnet phase and has plans to roll out its Mainnet in 2024. Notably, DeBank Chain has focused on addressing three critical concerns within the blockchain industry. Firstly, it has successfully reduced gas costs for individual transactions by an impressive margin of 100 to 400 times, which is particularly beneficial for accommodating the dynamic nature of social interactions on the platform
Secondly, it offers a unique chain-level system akin to Account Abstraction, providing users with a Web2-like experience while ensuring compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) standard. Lastly, DeBank Chain enhances security by introducing an advanced account system that supports transactions signed with a dedicated Layer 2 (L2) private key, reducing the reliance on Layer 1 (L1) private keys and fortifying the security of users' L1 assets.
Gas Token: ETH