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Aevo stands as a high-performance decentralized derivatives exchange with a primary focus on options trading, backed by influential supporters such as Paradigm, Dragonfly, and Coinbase. What sets Aevo apart is its innovative architecture, running on a custom Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) roll-up solution that seamlessly connects with the Ethereum network. The exchange operates with an off-chain order book, ensuring efficient order matching and execution. Once trades are matched, they are executed and settled through smart contracts, providing a secure and transparent trading experience. Aevo's unique approach involves evaluating orders through an off-chain risk engine, verifying margin requirements before posting them to the order book. This meticulous risk assessment adds an extra layer of security to the platform, safeguarding traders' interests.
Aevo's underlying technology is built upon the OP Stack, and its smart contracts run on the Aevo Rollup, an Ethereum optimistic roll-up solution. This combination ensures efficient and cost-effective trading while maintaining compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem.
The Aevo Rollup is operated in partnership with Conduit, which oversees a sequencer responsible for batching transactions and posting them to the Ethereum Mainnet every hour. Importantly, Aevo's dispute resolution process allows for a 2-hour window, enhancing security and mitigating risks. While this ensures the utmost security of transactions, it's worth noting that withdrawals from Aevo may take 2-3 hours to be fully confirmed, reflecting the meticulous attention to security in the platform's operations. You can use Aevo on Ethereum, Arbitrum and Optimism blockchains.
Gas Token: ETH